[SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperKernel Final

  • Supports Touchwiz (S7 version) 6.0.1 on BPH6 base and higher


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    Please login to see this link., a Touchwiz based rom made by myself!

    Features of this Kernel:

    - Build with latest google 4.9 toolchain
    - Build with ERH1 kernel source!
    - Latest Linux version 3.18.120, is always up to date
    - Performance and Batterylife improved
    - Choose between different CPU governors: performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactiv (default), conservative, zzmoove, barry_allen, nightmare, darkness, pegasusq, yankactive intelliactive, ondemandplus, intellimm, bioshock, lionheart, smartmax, smartass2, smartmax_eps, alucard, blu_active, cafactive, electrodemand, ondemand_x, hyper and intellidemand
    - Built with latest ramdisk sources from samsung (ERG2)
    - Frandom Support
    - Thunderplug hotplug driver can be selected in aroma (only for advanced users!)
    - Gzip compressed ramdisk (supersu, magisk etc will work fine)
    - I/O schedulers: CFQ (Default), ROW, No-op, Deadline, BFQ, FIOPS, SIO, VR, ZEN, FIFO, maple and SIOplus
    - UKSM (Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging)
    - Zram can be set in synapse
    - Gentle fair sleeper switch enabled
    - StateNotifier included
    - HTC's async added
    - Fsync toggle
    - LED Control
    - Charging control
    - HMP control
    - Full CPU/GPU control in synapse
    - DVFS in Synapse
    - Many controllable wakelocks
    - Underclock: big core to 312Mhz, little core to 338Mhz
    - Overlock: depens on your ASV
    - GPU OC to 806 Mhz
    - Init.d Support
    - NTFS file system enabled
    - CIFS/NFS file systems enabled
    - F2fs supported
    - Allow ADB-Insecure
    - Wlan Wakelock decreased
    - Fully controllable with synapse
    - TCP (Network) control: Bic (default), Reno, cubic, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, LP, Yeah and Illinois
    - SeLinux is set to permissive
    - Zen-Tune implemented
    - All bad samsung drivers disabled (like tima or rkp)
    - Force encryption disabled
    - Knox faked to 0x0

    - Boeffla wakelock control


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    - None


    0. Make a backup of your current stock kernel in TWRP, just in case you want to go back

    1. Install a custom recovery for your phone, like this one here:Please login to see this link.

    2. Follow the instructions on the page above, until you get a working recovery

    3. Download the Kernel from below and copy it to your external SD Card

    4. Reboot to your recovery by pressing volume up, home button and power button at the same time.

    5. Install zip/select the kernel

    6. Flash supersu, phh's root, magisk and all things that modify your boot.img

    7. Wipe cache and dalvik cache (recommand)

    8. Reboot

    If you wanna join the beta tester group, download yourself telegram and click on the chat link: Please login to see this link.

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    - Samsung for sources

    - the great linus for his amazing kernel source

    - arter97

    - Jesec (for the great FP fix!!)

    - dorimanx

    - AndreiLux

    - halaskz

    - neobuddy83

    - UpInTheAir for his great Synapse implementation