[SM-G95XF/FD/N] Flashable CSC Selection Final

  • CSC Selection for SM-G95XF/FD/N devices (all others untested!)

    You may ask yourself now, where can this be flashed on? Basically on every stock based rom, as well as on stock roms (who are rooted of course). So: root and a recovery (custom) are required!

    Your current country is not listed below? Send me your stock csc file from sammobile.com (SM-G955F variant) and I will add it!

    NOTE TO ALL DEVS: You are free to grab any csc you want from this zip, as long as proper credits are given and a link to Please login to see this link. exist in your OP.


    - different csc features can be chosen in aroma

    Following countries are supported:

    This list below isn't finished, more cscs are included, you can find on the Please login to see this link. what changed recently. Will update the OP when I get the time!

    OMC Multi-CSC contains:

    "H3G", "United Kingdom H3G branded"

    "OPS", "Australia Optus branded"

    "TEL", "Australia Telstra branded"

    "VAU", "Australia Vodafone branded"

    Vodafone Multi-CSC contains:

    USA Multi-CSC contains:

    Canada Multi-CSC contains:

    "XSA", "Australia unbranded"


    Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

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    0. Have twrp installed/encryption removed

    1. Having a backup (just in case)

    2. Download csc selection and put it onto your phone

    3. Boot into twrp

    4. Install the zip file

    5. Reboot

    How to restore the EFS-Backup:

    As you all know, during the csc installation an EFS backup is made by the installer. Most have no idea how to restore it, so here you go.

    1. Boot into TWRP

    2. Make sure EFS partition is mounted

    3. Open terminal under advanced tab


    1. dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/sda3 bs=4096

    5. Wait until it's finished

    6. Your previous EFS has been restored successfully


    - Samsung for basics

    - amarullz for the aroma installer

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