[SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperStock-Rom Final

  • Please note, this rom is EOL (End of Life) and won't be updated any longer!

    This rom is tested and working on SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8 variant only! Do not try this on other variants without any backup!

    Why I did another rom for you? Many people asked me to do a basic version with some nice adaption because they actually really like stock. So along with my Please login to see this link.

    I decided to make the SuperStock-Rom for a very stock near feeling. It features Odex apps and framework for max battery and performance! If you want something more customizable I recommend you to go for Please login to see this link. and if you really like the grace UX features of the N7 there is also my Please login to see this link.. I hope one of this roms fits your needs!

    Rom Features:

    V1.2.0 Marshmallow:

    V2.11.0 Nougat:

    Important notice:

    Version 1.x.x is for marshmallow

    Version 2.x.x is for Nougat


    - You tell me :)

    Rom review by @shark jungle:

    HOW-TO Install the rom:

    0. Make sure you have ticked OEM Unlock in Developer settings!

    1. Download latest bootloader and modem from here: Please login to see this link.

    2. Download latest Please login to see this link.

    3. Flash BL in BL tab and CP in CP tab of odin. Then follow the steps on this side until you get a working custom recovery: Please login to see this link.

    4. If you are done with bootloader, modem and recovery we can move on, boot into twrp holding power, home button and volume up while phone is powered off

    5. This will delete all your personal data! Click on wipe, format data and type "yes"

    6. Wait until it is finished then click reboot, reboot to recovery

    7. Now connect your phone to PC and copy the rom file inside your internal or external sd card

    8. Flash the rom and wait until it is finished

    9. Reboot your phone and enjoy !


    Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

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    If you wish to ask me some questions, join my telegram chat about superstock-rom. You can also join if you just want to have a quick chat with me anyway just click on this link: Please login to see this link.

    If you enjoy and appreciate my work, I would be very pleased if you hit thanks on this post here, then I'm a very happy guy! If you say you want to do more about it, you can donate to me on our donationlist here: Please login to see this link.


    - SuperR for his great unpack kitchen

    - of course samsung for their firmware and source

    - topjohnwu for his magisk and xposed systemless

    - chainfire for his root

    - topjohn for magisk

    - phh for superuser

    - amarullz for aroma installer