[SM-G95XF/FD/N] BatStock-Rom Final

  • This rom supports SM-G95XF/FD/N models only!

    And why the name "BatStock-Rom"? I will do a custom rom (which has similar features to my SuperMan-Rom) with the name "BatMan-Rom" that's why. [IMG:https://forum.xda-cdn.com/images/smilies/smile.gif]

    Rom Features V1.5.0:
    - Based on latest AQJ1 source
    - Latest AQJ1 stock kernel and BatStock-Kernel V1.6.0
    - October security patch
    - SuperSU V2.82 SR5, Phh superuser or MagiskSU
    - Magisk v14.3

    - Xposed V88.2
    - Rom is full ODEX for better speed
    - Gear VR working
    - Aroma installer
    - Debloat menu in aroma
    - sd card rw
    - dm-verity disabled
    - force encryption disabled
    - Auto model choose in script to flash right files
    - Auto update BL/CP for F/FD model aroma
    - iOS/oreo emojis

    - dual speaker mod included

    - OMC csc included (you can choose which one to install)

    - Knox 0x0 faked on running system

    - Many csc mods included
    - Safetynet pass


    - You tell me


    Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers (you need to be logged in), or as a second choice use AFH below:

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    HOW-TO Install the rom:

    0. Make sure you have ticked OEM Unlock in Developer settings and have a backup of your user apps!

    1. Download latest bootloader and modem from here: Please login to see this link. YOU MUST HAVE AQG5 OR A HIGHER BOOTLOADER TO BOOT THIS ROM

    2. Download latest Please login to see this link.

    3. Flash BL (bootloader) in BL tab and CP (modem) in CP tab of odin.
    Then follow the steps on this side until you get a working custom recovery: Please login to see this link. (to enter download mode, press power+bixby button+volume down) YOU MUST HAVE TWRP 3.1.1-2 OTHERWISE THE NEW BOOTLOADERS WON'T WORK

    4. If you are done with bootloader, modem and recovery we can move on, boot into twrp holding power, bixby button and volume up while phone is powered off
    5. This will delete all your personal data! In TWRP recovery: Click on wipe, format data and type "yes"

    6. Wait until it is finished then click reboot, reboot to recovery

    7. Now connect your phone to PC and copy the rom file inside your internal or external sd card

    8. Flash the rom and wait until it is finished

    9. Reboot your phone and wait till it finished booting

    10. After you setup your phone, check if magisk/busybox got installed. If not install them from playstore


    If you wish to ask me some questions, join my telegram chat about BatStock-Rom. You can also join if you just want to have a quick chat with me anyway [IMG:https://forum.xda-cdn.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif] just click on this link: Please login to see this link.

    Saying thanks:

    If you enjoy and appreciate my work, I would be very pleased if you hit thanks on this post here, then I'm a very happy guy! If you say you want to do more about it, you can donate me with paypal using this link:

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    I already say thanks to all of you! [IMG:https://forum.xda-cdn.com/images/smilies/highfive.gif]


    - SuperR for his great unpack kitchen

    - of course samsung for their firmware and source

    - chainfire for his root

    - topjohn for magisk

    - phh for superuser

    - amarullz for aroma installer