[ROM][S8PORT][STABLE][N][7.0][AQK7][30.11.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] BatMan-Rom 1.5.0

This is the new BatMan Port for all S7 devices, this zip can be flashed on all exynos models of the s7 and the s8!!

Hey guys! You may ask yourself what this rom is about and what you can expect from it, so it's basically something similar to the SuperMan-Rom on the Galaxy S7/S7 edge! It has many custom featuers, but you will find it below in the feature list :thumbup:

As you maybe know I'm a little fanboy from samsung, means I really love the stock look of the UI and the rom will always be based on most recent version from samsung, current base used is G955FXXU1AQI7 (compatible with S7, S7e, S8 and S8+)

I wish you much fun reading through the features and while using this rom! Enjoy

So this rom should be installed by anyone loving to use a rom close to stock BUT with many mods inside aroma/rom control.

Also I'd like to make the already fast galaxy s7 even more faster as it already is! Let's see if we can reach this goal :love:

Nobody is allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.


Rom features of V1.5.0 Nougat:

- Based on latest G955FXXU1AQK7 Nougat base

- Prerooted with SuperSU V2.82 SR5, Phh root r310 or MagiskSU (choose in aroma)

- Magisk V14.5 (aroma selectable)

- Latest Busybox installed (aroma selectable)

- Aroma installer! with support up to 4GB zip files

- CSC features can be choosen and installed in aroma (such as Applock, Floating Message, Call recording and more!)

- Adblocker enabled or disabled (choose in aroma)

- Full rom control!! App name is BatMan Settings Free

- Fully deodexed (also framework)

- Multi device installation, this rom supports all exynos models of the S7 and the S8!!
- Rom informations and logo inside settings

- LED indicator settings

- choose IOS or stock emojis in aroma

- DM-Verity disabled

- Force encrypt disabled

- ADB fully working

- Modded SystemUI with many tweaks in RomControl (like header colors, qs colors and notification colors)

- 3Minit Clock/battery in romcontrol

- Custom clock positions and customizations in romcontrol

- USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up

- Remove high volume warning for headphones

- Torch on lockscreen

- Use volume key on lockscreen to switch music titles

- Many other mods in the romcontrol, please check it out it's worth it!
- Knox stuff can be choosen in aroma

- Back to kill (in RomControl)

- BatStock-Kernel(choose in aroma)

- Based off from latest touchwiz source available at this moment

- Many apps are selectable in aroma debloat menu

- Selinux permissive on custom kernel

- Ram bar in recents

- Matrix animation in recents

- Sound Mod with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)

- Latest November Security Patch with Krack fix

- Many other features, can't list them all, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

How to install the rom:

Downloads for SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8:

Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

V1.5.0 on Android File Host

Bootloader/Modems SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8

CSC Selection V1.2.5

Telegram Links:

BatMan News Channel

BatMan-Rom Chat

Dark Knight Theme

Known Bugs:

- Iris scanner
- face unlock by samsung, we have face unlock by google


- Samsung for the base

- SuperR for his awesome Kitchen

- Chainfire for his SuperSU

- topjohnwu for systemless Magisk V12

- amarullz for aroma and nkk71 to make it compatible with bigger zip files

- wubydax and daxgirl for basic RomControl

- All my team mates and helpers!
- myellow for all the great animations!

- TheFreak for his work as designer and his help with the website

- mwilky for his fingerprint after reboot mod and other mods

- Asc1977 for a few mods I already used on SuperMan


If you want to support us you can always donate me ( Tkkg1994 ) on my PayPal account or through our Donations System. Thanks very much guys for all the support! <3


  • Version 1.5.0

    BatMan-Rom V1.5.0:

    - Rebased on most recent AQK7 firmware update

    - November Security patch included

    - This base fixes krack problems (krack explained: KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2)

    - Updated all kernels (AQK7 for S8 and DQK1 for S7)

    - Updated Magisk to V14.5

    - Updated Xposed to 88.2 (magisk version, aroma choosable)

    - Updated Xposed Installer to 3.4

    - Updated adblocker host file

    - Updated bootloader/modem to AQK7 and DQK1

    - Updated zeroprobes camera mod

    - Stock camera does now only feature stock camera mods, for advanced camera mods please use the modded app (which includes almost all modes)

    - Fix notification background image not sticking after a reboot

    - Fix carrier label on pulldown overlapping with navbar

    - Fix lag on pulldown, introduced by force expand notifications. THIS MOD HAS BEEN COMPLETELY KILLED

    - Add qs panel number counts to romcontrol

    - Removed most google apps from debloater, why: the zip file increases all the time, you can download the apps easily via playstore, also you have them installed as user apps then :)

    - Add modded youtube to play background videos and watch videos without ads

    - Add modded GBWhatsApp and GBInstagram to aroma selection, thanks to the GB team!

    - Moved some more bloatware related to Gear VR into Gear folder

    - Added "edge panel" to debloat menu

    - Update update-binary

    - Added googles web view by default, so we don't need google chrome

    - Busybox installer updated

    S7/S7e specific changes:

    - Include S7 gamelauncher if no navbar is chosen

    - Include S7 UDSS code files if s7 build.prop is chosen

    - S7 libs updated to DQK1

    If there is still something left, please visit our bug report site so we can keep track on everything, thank you!

  • Version 1.4.0

    BatMan-Rom V1.4.0:

    - Rebased on most recent AQI7 firmware update

    - August security patch (there is no single september security patch released by samsung)

    - This base fixes blueborne problems (which was samsungs main goal)

    - Updated all kernels to most recent source drop and linux version (AQI7 for S8 and DQIC for S7)

    - Updated magisk to V14.2

    - Updated SuperSU to V2.82 SR5

    - Added memory cleaner next to brightness slider

    - Added listview animations thanks to @asc1977!

    - Added a new telephony icon to romcontrol

    - Added quickunlock thanks to mwilky and @Grouxho

    - Added Xposed V88.1 for magisk, why only magisk? Stock xposed can't be installed via an aroma script to-date, hoping rovo will change this in the future

    - Updated all busybox to latest 1.27.1

    - Updated adblocker

    - Fixed lags in notification panel, for custom edge lightning you simply need to update the edge lightning service with samsung store!

    - Fixed USB wakeup switch not working

    - Updated launcher to support gestures even with latest update

    - Updated included bootloader/modems for F/FD models

    - Maybe some more things I already forgot again :D

    S7 specific changes:

    - Fixed game launcher crashing without navbar thanks to @Grouxho

    - Updated face unlock by google

    - Updated all libs/files to DQIC base

    If there is still something left, please visit our bug reporter site so we can keep track on everything, thank you!

  • Version 1.3.0

    BatMan-Rom V1.3.0:
    - Rebased on most recent AQH3 firmware update
    - August security patch

    - Added navbar height tweak mwilky

    - Added force expand notifications thereassaad

    - Updated all kernels to most recent source drop and linux version

    - Updated magisk to V13.6

    - Updated SuperSU to V2.82 SR3

    - Added batman gif animations

    - Fixed gif overlapping device informations

    - Readded autostart manager in modded settings

    - To disable the volume warning, there is now a switch in notification panel options to enable/disable it

    - Fixed long press back not bringing up menu ( mwilky )

    - Removed OTA Updater. This services is outdated and not working anymore.

    - Readded touchwiz double tab features! Double tap anywhere on launcher to do custom actions :) (the only thing which does not work yet is starting the torch light)

    - Updated samsung music to most recent version with all the custom mods thanks to thereassaad

    - Fixed next alarm on lockscreen showing the wifi icon

    - Fixed heads up display not working when switching in RC

    - Added a new custom signal icon

    - Edge lightning can now be customized! Choose a custom color OR if it should take the color from the app itself!

    - Added alarm volume control to sound

    - Fixed adaway app not being installed even if you selected adblocker

    - Removed viper mods, since they can easy be outdated it's better to keep them outside. I hope people will go and visit the threads of the sound mods

    - Updated included bootloader and modem to most recent version

    - Updated csc to AQH3

    - Added many new CSC mods, BUT BE AWARE, 5 SIGNAL in statusbar kills Wifi-Calling/VoLTE!

    - Removed the last not working camera mod: video collage!

    S7 specific changes:

    - Delete the gameoptimizer in /system/app so games won't crash on startup (only if no navbar is selected)

    - Fix SystemUI crashing if no navbar is installed (thanks to mwilky )

    - Use a special made framework.jar file for s7 devices, this should bring much better batterylife!

    - Maybe some more things I already forgot, have fun!

    If there is still something left, please visit our bug reporter site so we can keep track on everything, thank you!

  • Version 1.2.0

    BatMan-Rom V1.2.0:
    - Rebased on latest AQGB release (I know AQH3 is out, but until samsung releases a new kernel source it normally takes a few weeks that's why this base is used for now)
    - July security patch

    - Added navbar icon colors mwilky

    - Added navbar to get colors from statusbar (as long as the app doesn't set a default color) mwilky

    - Added in "misc" batman settings to disable touchkey light (s7 only of course)

    - Readded custom color selection for navbar in stock settings

    - Removed a few camera mods which weren't working

    - Updated CSC to AQGB, also added all CSC in OMX (including BTU)

    - Updated all Kernels to latest source and ramdisk

    - Updated SuperSU to 2.82 SR3

    - Added a the S Power Planning feature (forward ported from galaxy j7 prime), choosable in aroma as a csc mod

    - Updated OperaMax apk to not show as chinese apk, many people meant it's a trojan lol :D

    - Updated adblocker host file

    - Updated all included modems and bootloaders

    - Added a stock kernel even for the s7, so you can choose stock there as well!

    - Updated Magisk to latest V13.5 beta version

    - Added modded camera into aroma @zeroprobe

    - Added 100+ fonts apk into aroma

    - Updated busybox to most recent version

    - Updated dual speaker mod to most recent version

    - Added VoLTE and wificalling into pulldown menu

    - Reduced download size to 3GB only (hahahaha only 3GB :D )

    S7 specific changes:

    - Include sticker fix by default

    - Use much less s7 libs, I hope to fix: camera crashing and some call issues with this!

    - Included google face unlock, you find it in security, smart lock (to get samsungs one working I'm almost sure it's hardware related), but at least face unlock works!

    - The scripts do now change build.prop to G930/G935 if a s7 model is detected, this fixes: wallpaper stretch, samsung vr and games launching in black screen mode (because the phone thoughts we use a navbar and we had to reload the game) however if you wish you can always change that back to G950/G955 manually in /system/build.prop with a root explorer!

    - Updated all libs from s7 with latest base libs from DQG1

    - Small other changes which bring hopefully less issues!

    If there is still something left, please visit our bug reporter site so we can keep track on everything, thank you!

  • Version 1.1.1

    - Initial release for the S7/S7

    - Should be the final release now

    - All fixed!

  • The number of quick tiles in the notification panel goes from 6 to 8 also when I restart my phone. I adjusted it in the rom control but it reverted back to 10 quick panels. Please advise. Thank you
    • That has been reported already with a few themes. Some are breaking this layout...
    • I am using Nova Launcher and using stock theme
    • Have you maybe disabled some startup services?
    • I will check. Thanks
  • congratulate you on an awesome Rom. It's smooth and has good battery life. However I seem to have a slight problem. Everytime I restart my S7 edge I keep getting the Samsung keyboard. I use the SwiftKey keyboard mainly. This anyway I can resolve this.
    • Hello

      Simply removing the samsung keyboard from system/app would overcome this problem
  • Email has stop when click read email please help
    • Application related issues aren't related to the rom...
  • hey, are the newest bootloader and modem needed? also is the csc really needed? my phone is unlocked and am on Greece Vodafone. Do I need the greek Vodafone csc? and which kernel is best? I cant for the life of me see any difference between the kernels you link here for download. pls help as if am considering of installing this today.

    Thanks in advance.
    • Hey :-)
      Modem and bootloader are both included in this rom and can be updated during the flash. CSC is recommend to get the carrier specific features such as volte and wifi calling yes!

      For kernel: go for batstock and you won't have any issues
    • Update during the flash using aroma? ok so am getting the Vodafone Greece csc and if I understood you correctly I need this to access features such as Vodafone app which has options to see my balance etc?
      I will got for batstock thank you very much, is this done prior to the rom installation or after?

      Appreciate your fast reply!!
    • No the vodafone app will also work without this csc I assume. But it's always the best to use your carriers csc! You have to install it after the rom :-)

      About the kernel, you can choose it in aroma too
    • Great! thank you very much! last question I noticed that your other rom (iron man) is almost identical to this one but it uses android version 7.1.1 instead of 7.0, is this the only difference between the two? or is there anything else? for example the s8 libraries are only for the batman rom?
    • It's based on latest N8 firmware. That's the only difference actually :-)
  • Hey. I wanted to know if it is possible to translate the TWRP ROM into Russian when installing the ROM?
    • Hey :-)

      The aroma installer (TWRP) doesn't support multi lanuage I'm sorry :-(
  • Hi, how can i update from 1.3 to 1.4 without loosing any data on my phone?
    • Hey :-)
      Backup your data with 3rd party apps such as titanium backup, samsung cloud and similar
  • Nice Version, the listview Animation works fantastic und looks Nice.
  • When it is set up in batman romcontrol . it will fc. (rom v.1.4)
    • It will help when you send me a logcat from this crashing
  • Will you be updating this to include the latest security patch like you did with superman? I like Batman better because it has more features and substratum works!
    • Hello :-)
      This base is already on the august security patch but yes I am planning to do an update because of a new base
  • Very nice rom! But why has the v1.1.1 more features than v1.3.0 like v4a and s8 google widget?
    • V4a: is uncompatible with latest base and needs updates. So since this can happen anytime (and sound is lost) I figured to remove it since all can flash it manually.
      S8 widget: choose s8 in build.prop :-)
  • Yes. Will do
  • Good day. No dirty installation was done. However one of my apps was causing the problem when I selected "apps that can appear on top". Thanks for your help and an awesome Rom. Good show.
    • So it works again? That's very nice to hear, have fun using the rom! :-)
  • Good day,
    Updated to batman 13.0 Rom. I used s8 build.prop with no nav bars. Now when I tried to install and app or activated and app in device administrator or unknown source, no matter how much times I press the install or activate buttons I get no response. Please advise. Thank you
    • Have you made a dirty or clean update over your previous version? I suggest you to install the rom freshly!
  • How do I remove the navigation in the lower part of the screen????
    • Best would be to NOT select it during aroma..
  • Good day, with the new update I am experiencing no edge lighting when I receive calls with the phone face down. Also certain apps give edge notifications. The previous version all apps gave edge notifications.
    Do you always have to wipe when updating because this causes me to reactivate some my apps. Is it possible to update without wiping?
    • Hello!
      You have to configure this now all in the edge lightning settings! Which apps receive notifications and so on
    • Hi. I configured for all apps In the edge notifications section. Still no edge lighting when Phone ring while face is down. And not all apps gives edge notifications. However I reverted to v1.2. Which is working excellent.
  • 因为所有的版本今天的?:D
    • English or you will get a warn..
  • I have a sense that new ROM is coming for S7.
    • Because of all the releases today? :D
      I'm working on different things, I hope to be finished with the BatMan update next week ;-)
    • Cool mate...No worries!!Yes because of the new Batman update.I saw that you have remove the viper4android from S8. If you need the patch, i have made a big research because of the S7 and they have a fix for the Magisk. If the issue is the magisk.
    • Not with the magisk only that's the problem. I want to remove it anyway because if again a new update breaks it again, all will think it's a rom issue so better let this out for now :-)
  • With Go backup & restore app I cannot select SD card only internal card to back up data. Anyhow this Rom is ' off the hook.' Best Rom I ever used. Excellent job.
    • If you talk about Titanium backup, I have posted this in all Q&A threads:

      Q: You said you fixed SD card RW but Titanium Backup can't write to external SD card, why???
      A: This is because of googles changes concerning SD card, to fix this open Titanium Backup, Menu, Preferences, Backup Folder Location, Storage provider and than hit DocumentProvider Storage and select your SD card. Problem solved
  • How can I get write permission on my SD card? Everytime I tried to copy items to SD card. It fails.
    • With which app do you try to copy?
  • Hi luca great job and thanks for the update but i have small problem after instal the update my camera sticker was empty. when i press the the symbol the is blank...pls help...sorry for bad english.
    • Hello

      Have you choosen modded or stock camera?
      On stock it will clearly work. On modded I'm not thr author of that apk
  • Is there a CSC selection Utility that works for this Rom? And if so, can you please point me towards it. Or is it not needed at all THX in advance.
    I am looking for an CSC that works with Vodafone in particular.
    • Yes the s7/s8 csc which can be used on both phones!
  • Hello, I have a problem ... I can not change the Lte icon to 4G I reinstalled the rom but I do not get it to change the icon, any help? Out of this rom is amazing
    • Did you try via the switch in romcontrol?
    • Yes, I make the change restart but it does not work, it continues in Lte
    • Did you install stock UI? Because if yes that would not work! Needs the modded UI
    • It worked, I had to install the rom again .... thank you very much
    • No problem, always trying to help
  • i have one request.for some app which save battery : s power planning. and what i try its realy help for battery. so i just want to ask if that can be added in here whit next version of a batman. @Luca i cant send a pic over here and im not sure is that the real name but i have screen shot, will send you that in telegram personal chat to see. If posiblle it would be great, thank you for your/yours time
  • @luca or eny dev can you please tell me spec of new gpu-exact name and version???
    • You can go to my github page. All is on there as the kernel is opensource by GPL.
    • thank you
  • hey how to remove nav bar permenently ! i am on s7e !
    • Flash rom, don't choose navbar in aroma!
      That's it
    • i want to remove nav bar permently without flashing !
    • Without reflashing, no way sorry. It is in framework!
  • Wi-Fi Calling is not Working on CSC- DBT unbrandet germany.
    • Hey :-)
      What's your setup from the rom? Like aroma choices and mods etc
  • can i switch back old gpu ? on this rom
    • Yes but you need older gpu libs + a kernel that includes old gpu libs
    • thank you, im no developer but im not stupide also. did have few try/errors but i did it :). just in case can you provid me all that file in a flash zip. and thanks a lot if you will if not no hard filings, thanks for permision
    • Basically just replace the files in the batstock kernel zip: download.grifodev.ch/file/16-k…k-l-s-w8-batstock-kernel/
    • darm that easy :(, i google it first where is gpu driver then scan your rom to find it, then google it few more hours to make sure all files are copy and from 3. i got it to boot whit difrent kernel and so far its working good. thanks for share a lot easyer way and learn me a thing or two
  • not hearing anything in call
    • Normal if you don't install the most recent version..
  • I tried this rom, everything worked well except my bluetooth for some reason.
    • What did you try to connect?
    • My Samsung Gear 3.
    • That is fixed on most recent final version, upload will be finished soon
    • Thank you for your great work.
  • Nice rom. Works well on my S7 edge (sm-G935F).
    What I miss with this beta is the led-display (for the Led view cover).
    • Does the s8 even have this cover? If not it would be clear why it isn't working. If it has we will find a way
    • yes, the s8 - just as the S7 - has one: (google) SKU EF-NG950PBEGWW or EF-NG950PB.
    • Okidoke then I will check if it even works on the s8, as if it works there it definitly has to work on the s7 too!