Featured [ROM][STABLE][N][7.1.1][BQK6][06.12.17][SM-N950F/FD/N] IronMan-Rom 1.1.0

Most recent BQK6 based rom, available for five devices, including the S7, S7e, S8, S8+ and the N8!


IronMan-Rom for the Note 8 is finally here with a dedicated thread :heyes:

Hey guys! Here we are another time :)

Assuming that you already know me more or less, this rom is based upon latest Samsung Experience 8.5 (Android 7.1.1). I really love the Samung UI, that's why I work on those roms and not on AOSP such as LineageOS, I know I'm a little fanboy :D

Coming to the features, it's similar to the ones you'll find on my other roms such as BatMan-Rom (for the S8/S8+ and S7/S7e) or the SuperMan-Rom (for the S7/S7e):thumbup:

The Rom itself contains many many custom features via RomControl, I'll list the most important ones below, still you are very welcome to try them all via the RomControl app (choosable in aroma). Now enough talking, wish you much fun flashing the rom and hope you'll enjoy it! :fingerscrossed:

Nobody is allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.


Rom features of V1.1.0 Nougat:

- Based on latest N950FXXU1BQK6 Nougat base
- Prerooted with SuperSU V2.82 SR5, Phh root r310 or MagiskSU (choose in aroma)
- Magisk V14.5 (aroma selectable)
- Latest Busybox 1.27.2 included in aroma
- Aroma installer! with support up to 4GB zip files
- CSC features are currently not available due to encrypted csc files (a workaround is to use the S8/S8+ csc but I'll figure something out)
- Adblocker included as aroma choice
- Full rom control!! App name is IronControl Free
- Fully deodexed
- Private mode working (only with Modded Settings from aroma)

- LED indicator settings
- choose IOS, Oreo or stock emojis in aroma
- DM-Verity disabled
- Force encrypt disabled
- Modded SystemUI with many tweaks in RomControl (header colors, qs colors, notification colors and much more)
- 3Minit Clock/battery in romcontrol
- Custom clock positions and customizations in romcontrol
- USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up
- Remove high volume warning for headphones
- Torch on lockscreen

- Use volume key on lockscreen to switch music titles
- Knox stuff can be choosen in aroma
- Back to kill and Recent to kill (in RomControl)
- Stock AQIA Kernel or IronKernel (choose in aroma)
- Based off from latest touchwiz source available at this moment
- Many apps are selectable in aroma debloat menu
- Selinux permissive on custom kernel
- Ram bar in recents
- Matrix animation in recents
- Dual speaker sound mod

- Xposed V88.2 included as aroma choice

- Latest November Security Patches (includes Blueborne Bluetooth and Krack wifi fix)
- Many other features, can't list them all, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

How to install the rom:

For advanced users:

For normal users:

Downloads for SM-N950F/FD/N:

Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

V1.1.0 on Android File Host

Bootloader/Modems SM-N950F/FD/N

Telegram Links:

IronMan News Channel

IronMan-Rom N8 Chat

Known Bugs:

- Knox related features such as secure folder, samsung pay or samsung pass may not work any longer after rooting your phone


- Samsung for the base
- SuperR for his awesome Kitchen
- Chainfire for his SuperSU
- topjohnwu for systemless Magisk V14.4
- amarullz for aroma and nkk71 to make it compatible with bigger zip files
- wubydax and daxgirl for basic RomControl
- myellow for all the great animations!

- TheFreak for his work as designer and his help with the website
- mwilky for his fingerprint after reboot mod, private mode, custom colors and other mods
- Asc1977 for a few mods I already used on SuperMan/BatMan


If you want to support us you can always donate me ( Tkkg1994 ) on my PayPal account or through our Donations System. Thanks very much guys for all the support! <3


  • Version 1.1.0

    IronMan-Rom V1.1.0:

    - Updated the base from the rom to latest BQK6 release

    - This base includes the Krack fix (Krack explained: KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2)

    - Fully remodded with all romcontrol features (There are no new features added for now in the RC)

    - Updated kernels to latest BQK6 source code (version 1.2.0)

    - Updated included csc to BQK6

    - Updated all bootloader and modem files to latest for their model

    - Added SM-G955N, SM-G950N and SM-N950N bootloader/modem to aroma. So they can also update directly via recovery!

    - Updated modded Youtube vanced to most recent version

    - Updated patched camera bins thanks to Noxx!

    - Added vision to the bixby debloat section, means if you don't select bixby in aroma you also won't get bixby vision this time

    - Added a new "edge" debloat feature, if you don't choose it you get the system without all edge functions

    - Updated the modded camera thanks to zeroprobe (based on BQK6 release)

    - Updated all included recoveries to 3.2.0-0 (except the note 8 didn't got an update yet)

    - Removed many google apps from aroma, you can download them via the playstore, this prevents an issue people had with "symlink failed"


    - Add IronMan animation

    - Add IronMan splash

    - Add IronMan gifs in pulldown

    - Rework the settings IronMan logo

    - Design for Pro app

  • Version 1.0.0

    IronMan-Rom V1.0.0:

    - Updated all included kernels to version V1.1.5

    - Updated Magisk to V14.5

    - Updated RomControl Icons/headers

    - Updated update-binary

    - GBWhatsapp/GBInstagram in aroma (modded versions of those apks)

    - Added Modded youtube to play videos in background

    - Added chrome to debloat list, you can now safely debloat without any crashing :)

    - Updated SMusic apk to latest available

    - Fixed notification bg disappearing after a reboot (and overlapping on lockscreen)

  • Version 1.0.0_b2

    IronMan-Rom V1.0.0_b2 initial release!

  • The navigation button doesn't light on my S7 flat with the IronMan ROM. What can I do?
    • You could check out the galaxy s7/s7e thread, where the buglist is displayed, this here is the note 8 thread...
    • Sorry. Thank you.
  • I tried all note 8 port and I can say that ironman is the best many thanks to you @tkkg1994 and your team.
  • ​Thanks Grifo & team for the ongoing great work. Just installed the Iron Man on my G930/DUOS. Almost all working great. However, when I insert the second SIM card, the UI crashes. When I take the second SIM out, it works fine again. Could this be related to it being a Note 8 port or....Many thanks!
    • Hello my friend :-)

      First off, that post here is only for n8 devices, the s7 one can also be found here on our website!

      About your issue: I'd be very glad if you could attach a logcat
  • Hanging to try this rom but just need to ask the status of the OEM unlock,I know you usually disable it but just need to confirm because spending a week on stock firmware after a binary error really sucks balls bigtime,thanks.
    • Hey my friend

      If you are using stock settings, the switch will be there as always. If you use modded settings it is removed so you can't switch it off accidentally
  • I have a S7 Edge, after changing the resolution of my phone the smartphone reboots into a loop. Any fixes?
  • Im having sd card issues i cant copy or move any thing across from internal am i doing something wrong? Please help guys. Thanks in advance.
    • Which explorer are you using? Root explorer? Samsung?

      You have given proper permissions?
    • Im using flud torrent client and when i go to choose my film folder on my sdcard it it just crashes i was previously on batstock 1.5.0 and had no such issue.
    • I'm sure you need to enable some permissions for it. Also it can be that android 7.1.1 changed some behaviour concerning sd card and the app needs to be updated
    • Actually that does make sense considering root explorer works and i can edit the build prop etc i shall check on the app in the playstore. Thanks for the reply man. Amazing rom amazing kernel both work amazingly fast and smooth
    • Update... uninstall version from my cloud sync amd manually installed version from playstore and its been updated and it can use sdcard sorry to bother you with a pointless post.
  • Congratulations on the good work, just one question, in IronControl how can I move the position of Network Traffic, I have searched but there is nothing about it. Thank you in advance.

    Davide. Turin Italy.
    • Hello my friend

      You can't move the position. It is fixed there and can't be moved via the app
    • Okay Tkkg1994, that's fine, thank you so much :-P
  • Hey, is anyone having any issue with Heads up display? I used to get the quick pop up with whatsapp etc however don't anymore. Is there a setting I'm missing? "Notifications" has permission to notifications and can't see anything else relevant that could help out...
    • Only one reason:
      You disabled edge lightning + heads up notification in romcontrol :-)
    • Haha all sorted now! :-)
  • Dex force closes systemui, anyone know why or how to fix?
    • I don't have a DEX station so you need to help me to solve this by sending me logs about crashing. OR you use the stock UI
  • Hey guys great rom spot on but my iris scanner keeps stopping and telling me to restart my phone??
    • Hello!

      You could attach me a logcat from this error. However iris works just fine here. Maybe just needs a clean install?
    • Sorry noob question how do i get a logcat i have no idea how to do it lol sorry i dont understand i worked at 23:15 ish and i woke up and it stopped working randomly
    • Best is to google how to logcat, you need adb and your phone connected to your pc :-)
  • hi, I can't find data manager when I turn on data, i need block data for some app, can you fix it? thank you very much
    • Hey!
      That's actually a csc feature. So one issue we got:
      Note 8 uses encrypted cscfeature.xml so we can currently NOT edit this files to add more features
    • so, How can I have this features? Can you help me?
    • I need to find a way to modify n8 csc files.. or you could use s8 cscfeature.xml for now as a workaround
  • thanks Luca for another great build. I was waiting it for too long and finally got it..very very happy now.
    1 thing- air command doesn't works with me , can you help me why is it so?
    • Hello :-)
      Air command is only available for the n8 at the moment. I will enable it for the other devices on the stable release
  • I'm using it in my S7 flat, it works barbaro, I come from Batman Rom, congratulations
  • Before i try it out - any issues so far on s8+?
    pretty keen though - keep up the sick work!
    • All working fine on the s8! Have fun
  • Just my guess: This is not for S7Edge, right?

    • For S7/S7e/S8/S8+ and N8. I'll launch proper threads when the stable release is out
    • So this is beta. In the Telegram group: it didn't say so. Was just wondering...
    • It does say that, version b2 :-)
    • I hope that you'll try to fix bugs for s7. Thank you. Please focus on battery life on all of your ROMs.