[KERNEL][STABLE][TW][N][7.1.1][DQK1][05.12.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] IronKernel 1.2.0

IronKernel for all full Note 8 Ports! Supports all S7/S7e exynos models :)

Supports Galaxy Note 8 based Touchwiz roms on S7/S7e


If you want to take my work and need it somewhere, or do other things with it, ask me first for the permission. Otherwise you are not allowed to take it! Thank you!

Features of this Kernel:

- Build with latest 6.4.1 GNU toolchain by djb77

- Build with DQJ1 kernel source code

- Latest Linux version 3.18.85, is always up to date

- Performance and Battery life improved

- Choose between different CPU governors: performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, interactiv (default), conservative

- Includes latest BQK6 ramdisk

- I/O schedulers: CFQ (Default), No-op, Deadline

- NTFS enabled

- TCP (Network) control: Bic (default), Reno, cdg, cubic, dctcp, Westwood, Highspeed, Hybla, HTCP, Vegas, Veno, Scalable, LP, Yeah, Illinois, Lia, Olia, Wvegas, balia

- SeLinux is set to permissive

- Supports Private Mode

- F2fs on /data partition

- Init.d support

- All samsung security related configs disabled (as knox, tima, restrict rooting)

- Boeffla wakelock control


- let me know if you find any :)


Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a 2nd choice download below via android file host:

Download V1.2.0 via AFH


0. Have a working recovery and encryption removed!

1. Download kernel

2. Boot into twrp recovery mode

3. Flash kernel

4. Flash any other file which affects ramdisk (Magisk or SuperSU)

5. Reboot

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- Samsung for sources

- the great linus for his amazing kernel source

- geiti94 for his camera binaries

- Skunk1909 for his help and testing with the kernel

- Jesec for his workaround, without him custom kernels won't be possible on latest sammy devices


  • Version 1.2.0

    IronKernel V1.2.0:

    - Updated linux to 3.18.85

    - Update ramdisk to BQK6

    - Unified the changes between the s7/n8 ramdisk a bit more

    - Updated toolchain

    - Fixed hotspot problem on n8 roms

  • Version 1.1.5

    IronKernel V1.1.5:

    - Updated linux to 3.18.83

    - Update vision drivers to n8

  • Version 1.1.4

    IronKernel V1.1.4:

    - Released on GrifoDev as separate zip file

    - Another toolchain update thanks to djb77

    - Added boeffla wakelock control via mtweaks app

  • How can you choose between the CPU governors? Used to do that with the Synapse in the Superman rom, but there is no UCI support according to the app. Also how do you use the Boeffla wakelock control?
    • Hello my friend. All is controlled by the app MTweaks :-)
  • Camera zoom works only if you can turn on the flashlight without flashlight you can zoom though but if you then take a picture, the picture is taken without zoom 🤔
    • I don't think that this is related to the kernel, more the rom itself. Thanks for reporting!
  • Hi, can i use this kernel with this rom: [ROM][STABLE][N][7.1.1][AQIA][13.11.17][SM-N950F/FD/N] IronMan-Rom 1.0.0_b2
    • Yes this kernel is made for full n8 ports such as the IronMan-Rom :-)
    • Thanks,
      I'll try on my S7
  • Can i Flash super su 2.82 or Mist i Flash super su 2.82 sr5 after Flash the Kernel?
    • Flash your preferred root method after the kernel, either magisk or supersu yes
    • Yea i know .. but i don't know if it necessary to Flash super su 2.82 SR5 ? Or will i geh the Root back je im only Flash the normal super su 2.82?
      Because of Android 7.11 ...
      Do you Understand what i mean?
    • Yes I understand, but because the default 2.82 SR5 was included in the rom I suggest you to install the same version again :-)
    • Sorry bacause of my writing ..
    • Ok Dude i will do this ..
      With the Batman Rom i only flashed the old supersu 2.82 after flashing a new kernel. It works also