Featured [ROM][STABLE][N][7.0][DQK1][22.11.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom 2.8.0

What does this rom feature? Well it is based off from the latest G935FXXS1DQK1 (Nougat) base, with all apps removed that can be downloaded threw the playstore, so it is debloated as well.

Who should install this rom? All people who like samsungs stock interface with some modifications biggrin.gif

Also I'd like to make the super fast experience of the s7 edge even faster, with even more batterylife, let's see if this can be true smile.gif

Nobody is allowed to take stuff from my rom without asking me! Thank you.


Rom features of V2.8.0 Nougat:

- Based on latest G935FXXS1DQK1 Nougat base

- Prerooted with SuperSU V2.82 SR5, Phh root r310 or MagiskSU (choose in aroma)

- Magisk V14.4 (aroma selectable)

- Latest Busybox installed (1.27.2)

- Aroma installer! with support up to 4GB zip files

- Full edge features support

- Adblocker enabled or disabled (choose in aroma)

- Full rom control!! V2.1

- Zipaligned

- First fully deodexed rom without odex framework

- Rom informations and logo

- choose IOS or stock emojis in aroma

- DM-Verity disabled

- Force encrypt disabled

- ADB fully working

- Modded SystemUI with many tweaks in RomControl

- Applock feature supported

- Floating Message support

- Many csc tweaks!

- No sms to mms auto convertion

- Auto Call recording

- 3Minit Clock/battery in romcontrol

- Custom clock positions and customizations in romcontrol

- LED indicator in settings

- Autostart in settings

- Allow all apps in multiwindow

- USB Plug/Unplug disable wake up

- Remove high volume warning for headphones

- Private mode fixed for all kernels

- Enable TouchKey light duration in RomControl

- Knox stuff is removed

- Stock DQIC Kernel, SuperStock-Kernel or SuperKernel (choose in aroma)

- Based off from latest touchwiz source available at this moment

- Many apps are selectable in aroma debloat menu now

- Selinux permissive on custom kernels

- UDS - Ultra Data Saving

- quicklauncher in recents app

- Sound Mod V19 with lot improvements! (choose in aroma)

- November Security patches with Blueborne fix and Krack fix

- Camera Mod included (choose in aroma)

- Many other features, please read changelog to see what changed over the time

Rom review by shark jungle:



SuperMan-Rom V2.8.0

Bootloader/Modem for SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8

CSC Selection V2.4.5

Telegram Links:


SuperMan News Channel

Darkside of SuperMan Chat


- Samsung for the Source
- SuperR for the Kitchen
- Chainfire for the root access
- Sound mod V19 thanks to zubi182
- amarullz for aroma and nkk71 to make it compatible with bigger zip files
- wubydax and daxgirl for SuperMan control
- topjohnwu for systemless Magisk
- myellow for all the great animations!
- mwilky for his fingerprint after reboot mod and general help
- Asc1977 for all the help on latest N release!
- zeroprobe for his camera mod V8


  • Version 2.8.0

    SuperMan-Rom V2.8.0:

    - Based on latest DQK1 base released just a few days ago!

    - Includes the latest November security patch

    - This base includes Krack fix (if you want more informations about it, check it here: KRACK Attacks: Breaking WPA2)

    - Updated included bootloader to DQK1 for F/FD models (modem is still the same)

    - Updated kernels to latest V2.10.1 versions build on DQK1 source drop

    - Updated Magisk to latest V14.4 beta

    - Added Xposed V88.2 magisk (this xposed variant will only work if you select magisk at the same time!)

    - Removed many 3rd party bloat apps, like this we save much space

    - Added GBInstagram (modded instagram), GBWhatsapp (modded Whatsapp) and modded Youtube to allow background playing!

    - Added listview animations to romcontrol

    - Added colorable screenshot text to romcontrol

    - Fixed long press on settings icon on pulldown not enabling SystemUI tuner + fc

    - Fixed imsservice crash with the switchable RCS icon

    - Updated the updater script binary

    - Fixed notification panel custom image not sticking after a reboot

  • Version 2.7.0

    SuperMan-Rom V2.7.0:

    - Based on latest DQIC release by Samsung (full rebase)

    - Includes most recent August security patch (Samsung doesn't release the September patch to any device due to Blueborne fix)

    - This base includes blueborne fix for bluetooth vulnerability

    - Updated included modem and bootloader to DQIC for F/FD devices and BQH2 for W8 models

    - Updated kernels to latest V2.9.0 versions build on DQIC source drop

    - Updated Magisk to latest V14.2 beta

    - Updated SuperSU to latest SR5 beta

    - Updated sound mod with latest sound file, this should fix some issues with wifi calling

    - Removed viper4android, due to the fact that it broke sound on s8 roms, you should flash ARISE or similar mods after the rom itself

    - Updated busybox to latest 1.27.2

    - Added some more apps to debloat selection, edge apps for example and some more voice files and for VR :)

    - Removed OTA due to the fact that it wasn't working anymore, we will come up with a better solution in the future

    - Added a switch in romcontrol to enable/disable high volume warning

    - Added a new function to clear memory in pulldown menu

    - Updated romcontrol application, changed name to SuperControl Free

    - Updated included CSC

    - Updated AppLock, ScreenRecorder and AirMessage

    - Updated included bloat apps such as Telegram, Signal, Hike and Snapchat

    - Included all fixes from last time, means Weather and alarm on lock screen works fine without any need to flash a file :thumbsup:

  • Version 2.6.0

    SuperMan-Rom V2.6.0:

    - Rebased on most recent DQG1 release

    - Updated all included kernels to latest ramdisk/kernel source

    - This update includes the July patch already!
    - Updated Magisk to v13.3

    - Updated SuperSU to 2.82 SR1

    - Updated included bootloader to DQG1 and modem to DQF2 (still latest one)
    - Updated included BTU csc

    - Readded outdoor mode in settings app

    - Removed OEM unlock switch with modded settings (so no one can accidentally turn it off)

    - Added a switch in romcontrol for immersive mode

    - Added support for calculator unit converter

    - Added a switch to romcontrol to enable/disable transparent background

    - Notification icons can now be colored too in rc

    - SMusic app can also be fully colored thanks to @therassad

    - Updated busybox installer

    - Updated all included bloat apps (telegram, tapatalk etc.)

    - Removed the "no csc" choice, since this only messes settings entries

    - Removed S8 camera, we have a full port for this and the camera doesn't work perfectly on s7 base anyway

    - Removed all needless build.prop and init.d tweaks, in my opinion this is the reason for heating and battery drain!!

    - Fake system status to official (before was custom)

    - I hope that was all, maybe I forgot something :D

  • Version 2.5.0

  • how do we update the modded youtube?
  • Which installation settings would you recommend for the best battery life (V 2.8.0) ?
    • I'd go for superstock kernel, magisk as root and everything else stock choices :-)
    • Thanks a lot for your kindly reply. Have a good day. Thanks
  • ah! I've been waiting for this day! Let see if this can get even better! I'm glad you've got our backs with this blueborne vulnerability bussiness as well :-)
    • No problem mate that's what I am here for!
  • Yeah big time superman Rom 2.7
    Thanks ever so much... best thing since sliced bread for my superman s7!!! PERFECT!!!!!! Piece of art this code!!! I've toyed with s1, s2, s3, s4, s5 ... this kicks everything I've ever used.... thanks for your superman Rom support and super kernel support and csc support. My donation will follow asap. Cheers
    • Thank you so much for the feedback :-)
      I hope you will enjoy the rom and I already thank you for your support!
  • Awesome rom! as always, and I never encountered any bugs or flaws.... good job buddy?
  • Approx. when will the next rom come out (superman/batman-rom)?
    Thank you guys for your hard work!
    • Please do not ask for ETA, we are working hard on the port atm and after that the update for superman. We simply can´t tell you when as its impossible to tell due to the occuring problems. It comes when we are ready.
      For the future please use the supportthread for support.
      Best regards
  • G935FXXU1DQD3

    How come I'm not seeing downloads for S7 flat? or I'm just blind?

    When i try to download, I am getting SuperMan-Rom_SM-G93XF_V2.5_N.zip, this means that this ROM is both for edge and flat? TIA.
  • thanks for a great ROM!
  • best rom.
    it is smooth ,stable