[UTILITY][CSC][17.10.17][SM-G95XF/FD/N] Flashable CSC Selection 1.2.5

CSC stands for Country Specific Code, so every single country (and even different providers in one country) have different codes, for csc features, wallpapers, wifi calling, VoLTE, sounds etc.

CSC Selection for SM-G95XF/FD/N and SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8 devices (all others untested!)

You may ask yourself now, where can this be flashed on? Basically on every stock based rom, as well as on stock roms (who are rooted of course). So: root and a recovery (custom) are required!

Your current country is not listed below? Send me your stock csc file from sammobile.com (SM-G955F variant) and I will add it!

NOTE TO ALL DEVS: You are free to grab any csc you want from this zip, as long as proper credits are given and a link to Grifo Development exist in your OP.


- CSC features will be added in upcoming releases

Following countries are supported:

This list below isn't finished, more cscs are included, you can find on the changelog what changed recently. Will update the OP when I get the time!

OMC Multi-CSC contains:

"H3G", "United Kingdom H3G branded"

"OPS", "Australia Optus branded"

"TEL", "Australia Telstra branded"

"VAU", "Australia Vodafone branded"

Vodafone Multi-CSC contains:

USA Multi-CSC contains:

Canada Multi-CSC contains:

"XSA", "Australia unbranded"


Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

Download V1.2.5 via Android File Host


0. Have twrp installed/encryption removed

1. Having a backup (just in case)

2. Download csc selection and put it onto your phone

3. Boot into twrp

4. Install the zip file

5. Reboot

How to restore the EFS-Backup:

As you all know, during the csc installation an EFS backup is made by the installer. Most have no idea how to restore it, so here you go.

1. Boot into TWRP

2. Make sure EFS partition is mounted

3. Open terminal under advanced tab


  1. dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/sda3 bs=4096

5. Wait until it's finished

6. Your previous EFS has been restored successfully


- Samsung for basics

- amarullz for the aroma installer

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  • Version 1.2.5

    CSC Selection V1.2.5:

    - Updated all included csc apks

    - Updated XSA csc

    - Updated VD2 mutli csc

    - Updated VAU csc

    - Updated SKC multi csc

    - Updated OPS csc

    - Updated O2U multi csc

    - Updated HTS csc

    - Updated H3G csc

    - Updated FTM multi csc

    - Updated EVR csc

    - Updated DTM multi csc

    - Updated DRE csc

    - Updated OMX multi csc

    - Added 3IE csc

    - Added MET csc

    - Added PLS csc

    - Added TEN csc

  • Version 1.2.1

    CSC Selection V1.2.1:

    - Added S Secure

    - Added Ultra Data Saving to smartmanager tweaks

    - Fixed TGY and XID csc not installing correctly

    - Added CHC csc (you may need to clear data of samsung keyboard)

    - Updated airmessage apk

    - Updated applock apk

    - Updated TGY csc

  • Version 1.2.0

    CSC Selection V1.2.0:

    - Updated XAA (US) Multi csc

    - Updated XAC (Canada) Multi csc

    - Updated SKC (Korean) Multi csc

    - Updated OMX (the big one with nearly all included) Multi csc

    - Updated H3G csc

    - Added powerplanning feature to aroma choice

    - Added 5 signal bars to aroma choice

    - Updated operamax

    - Added CWW multi csc

    - Added CPA multi csc

    - There are currently 2 types of cscs available on the s8, the old variant with system/csc and the new one with system/omc, the old one now uses again the old method to install the csc, this should fix issues with several csc for example XAC. As soon as they got updated to the new version as well I will do this :)

    - Several people reported an issue with ATT csc, message settings crashes. This is due to spam mod in csc feature, if you don't choose it, it's fine. I will figure out why

  • Version 1.1.5

    CSC Selection V1.1.5:
    - Updated H3G csc

    - Updated TEL csc

    - Updated VD2 csc

    - Updated XAA (american multi csc), please let me know if wificalling/volte is finally working with this one!

    - Added AME multi csc (AME, MEO, SFR)

    - Added BOG csc

    - Added EVR csc

    - Added FTM multi csc (AMO, FTM, OPV, ORO, ORS)

    - Added HTS csc

    - Added OPT csc

    - Added PRT csc

    - Added TGY csc (from qualcom, please make a backup first)

    - Added WIN csc

    - Added XID csc

    - Added SKC multi csc (KTC, LUC, SKC) for the N-Variant

    - Removed chinese OperaMax, only gave confusion

    - Reworked for csc features, it will now flash to ALL csc files in /system/omc or /system/csc and not only the one you selected

    - Short info about the XAC csc: I checked everything, the installer is just fine, I'm thinking to guess that it has something to do with the fact, that this is now based on qualcom devices (since the s8, s7 was exynos). If the same issue appears on any other csc (can't hang up to call or general call issues). Please report back which exact csc caused it. We may be able to figure out which csc files have this in common (except XAC of course). I will go to holiday soon so I don't have the time to investigate further into this issue, sorry guys. Unless you want to experiment with XAC, please don't choose it!

  • Version 1.1.0

    CSC Selection V1.1.0:

    - Added CHE multi CSC (chile multi)

    - Update DBT (europe Multi csc), also BTU etc is now included

    - Added DRE CSC

    - Added DTM Multi csc (which contains most T-Mobile cscs)

    - Added O2U csc (via wasn't in there, is there even a VIA CSC for the s8?)

    - Added TNZ csc

    - Added UPO multi csc (mainly south america)

    - Updated VAU csc

    - Updated VD2 csc (all vodafone carriers)

    - Updated XAC csc (canadian cscs)

    - Updated XSA cscs

    - This release is fully compatible with s7 devices!!

    - Added csc features to be choosen too. It works on most cscs but not on all. I will make this work on all (as they all use different folders etc it's hard to make it universal for all cscs)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hi @Tkkg1994
    here link last CSC G955F ARO

  • hi guys i want ask you about csc selection
    am from algeria and when i want to check csc selection that is MTC i can't find it in aroma installer
    how i can get my csc country
    • Hey :-)

      I just checked on sammobile and I wasn't able to find MTC even there. Or do you mean TMC by any chance?
      Can you maybe upload the csc to google drive or mega?
    • TMC algeria csc selection sorry bro
    • TMC is under OMX multi
    • i found it thanx bro
      i need the tmc csc bacause i want to get paid theme nut when i make themes i have just free theme without paid someone ask me to flash the correct csc but still have the same problem
    • I don't think that the paid theme problem is related to your csc, but hopefully you'll find the cause for the problem. At least you got the correct csc now!
  • hi
    is there a way i can update the XAC TLS files to QH1 the latest update ?
    pls and thank you
    • cause with ur latest batman rom 1.4.0 but other then that everything working like a charm
      i get 0 signal bar up to 1 if im lucky at home
      and when i get a call is goes up to 2 bar and when i hang up it goes to 0 again
      but with batman rom 1.3.0 i get 3 to 4 bar at home and the update before too i was getting good signal
      i dont know what u changed in your latest update but i get poor signal
      thank you for your great rom very stable !!!
    • Then simply send me your csc.tar file (uploaded on gdrive or mega) and I'll update it on the next csc release :-)
    • ok thanks
    • Honestly, this is a S8 csc, so I need the S8+ csc to add it to the selection :-)
  • I've already dowloaded the CSC v1.2.5 but it has no XTC code in it. Can you update please.
  • Hi Luca,
    I see OMC Multi-CSC contains: "THL", "Thailand unbranded" but I haven't found it in aroma.
    so it didn't include yet right? sorry if this is a stupid question. im a bit confused LOL
    • Hey :-)
      Yes it included under DBT: omc multi csc, contains many csc files (that's how it is described in aroma)
    • goodlord please forgive my blindness.
      Thank you so much. You're the best!
    • No problem :-)
  • Hi Luca,
    thanks for another csc zip..i need a bit of your expert advise. like for me i am using 955fd ( exynos ) originally csc TPA Panama and i live and using mobile operator here in canada. I DO nOT HAVE VOLTE working. Its in quick toggle of batman 140 but no option in settings. In canada all models of S8+ are 955W single sim and with snapdragon. I also checked with my provider volte is activated on my account.
    Can i flash my carrier csc ( Virgin mobile canada, snapdragon csc ) onto my Exynos 955fd to gain some results or nothing will happen ? Please please advise.......would it be safe to flash ? any problems or some profit,....
    • This csc here is made to work on exynos phones only. That means yes you can install the canadian csc on your phone with this tool!
    • thanks luca, would that means i be able to get volte if i install csc of my carrier and country ?
    • i tried flashing it but did not get volte option in settings. Plus i lost additional toggles in pull down notification
    • Many carriers are forcing the pull down toggles (such as XAC branded)

      For VoLTE: you may need to reflash the rom clean and directly install the csc without booting the device first. Or the csc needs to be updated as your carrier could have released VoLTE recently
  • Not working for 935FD
    • Can you be a bit more specific?
  • Thanks for ur work sir please add "PAK", "Pakistan unbranded" in next release.
  • Csc Perú?
  • Hi. I found my password. Plz help to make it ok before ban. Thanks to u all.
    Now im fine with login.
    • Please send @TheFr3ak a private message about your problem!