[UTILITY][CSC][N][12.12.17][SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8] Flashable CSC Selection 2.5.0

CSC stands for Country Specific Code, so every single country (and even different providers in one country) have different codes, for csc features, wallpapers, sounds etc.

CSC Selection for SM-G93XF/FD/K/L/S/W8 devices

Both Android Versions (MM/N) are supported, 1.X versions are MM versions, 2.X versions are Nougat!

What is this for?

CSC stands for Country Specific Code, so every single country (and even different providers in one country) have different codes, for csc features, wallpapers, sounds etc. So it is quit important to have the right csc file on your phone for your provider (so you can have all features which comes with your provider (like wifi calling)).
You may ask yourself now, where can this be flashed on? Basically on every stock based rom, as well as on stock roms (who are rooted of course). So: root and a recovery (custom) are required!

Your current country is not listed below? Send me your stock csc file from sammobile.com (SM-G935F variant) and I will add it!

Guide to change csc without wipe data for Ro… | Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you are a T-Mobile USA or ATT user you may consider having a look at following guide how to get VoLTE and WifiCalling working: Guide for USA users

NOTE TO ALL DEVS: You are free to grab any csc you want from this zip, as long as proper credits are given and a link to this thread exist in your OP.


- Following additions have been made to all csc files

<CscFeature_Message_DisableSmsToMmsConversionByTextInput>TRUE</CscFeature_Message_DisableSmsToMmsConversionByTextInput> <CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu>TRUE</CscFeature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu> <CscFeature_VoiceCall_ConfigRecording>RecordingAllowed</CscFeature_VoiceCall_ConfigRecording> <CscFeature_Message_EnableBlackList>TRUE</CscFeature_Message_EnableBlackList> <CscFeature_Setting_EnableMenuBlockCallMsg>TRUE</CscFeature_Setting_EnableMenuBlockCallMsg> <CscFeature_Message_EnableSaveRestoreSDCard>TRUE</CscFeature_Message_EnableSaveRestoreSDCard> <CscFeature_SmartManager_DisableAntiMalware>TRUE</CscFeature_SmartManager_DisableAntiMalware> <CscFeature_SystemUI_SupportRecentAppProtection>TRUE</CscFeature_SystemUI_SupportRecentAppProtection> <CscFeature_SmartManager_ConfigDashboard>dual_dashboard</CscFeature_SmartManager_ConfigDashboard> <CscFeature_SystemUI_SupportAssistanceAppChooser>TRUE</CscFeature_SystemUI_SupportAssistanceAppChooser> <CscFeature_Setting_DisableMenuSoftwareUpdate>TRUE</CscFeature_Setting_DisableMenuSoftwareUpdate> <CscFeature_Wifi_SupportAdvancedMenu>TRUE</CscFeature_Wifi_SupportAdvancedMenu> <CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType>DEFAULT</CscFeature_NFC_StatusBarIconType> <CscFeature_RIL_ForceConnectMMS>TRUE</CscFeature_RIL_ForceConnectMMS> <CscFeature_Setting_CustNetworkSelMenu4>LTEONLY</CscFeature_Setting_CustNetworkSelMenu4> <CscFeature_Message_EnableMsgTypeIndicationDuringComposing>TRUE</CscFeature_Message_EnableMsgTypeIndicationDuringComposing> <CscFeature_SmartManager_ConfigSubFeatures>roguepopup|autoclean|autorestart|networkpowersaving|storageclean|applock|trafficmanager|notificationmanager|applicationpermission|devicesecurity|data_compression|rootbadgefeature|UDS|cstyle</CscFeature_SmartManager_ConfigSubFeatures> <CscFeature_Common_EnableAirMessage>TRUE</CscFeature_Common_EnableAirMessage> <CscFeature_Common_ConfigSvcProviderForUnknownNumber>whitepages,whitepages,on</CscFeature_Common_ConfigSvcProviderForUnknownNumber>

- Following csc codes/countries are supported until now:


1. Having a backup (just in case)

2. Download csc selection and put it onto your phone

3. Boot into twrp

4. Install the zip file

5. Reboot


Click the download button above to get full speed download from our servers, or as a second choice:

V2.5.0 via Android File Host

How to restore the EFS-Backup:

As you all know, during the csc installation an EFS backup is made by the installer. Most have no idea how to restore it, so here you go.

1. Boot into TWRP

2. Make sure EFS partition is mounted

3. Open terminal under advanced tab


  1. <em><em>dd if=/data/media/0/EFSBackup/efs.img of=/dev/block/sda3 bs=4096</em></em>

5. Wait until it's finished

6. Your previous EFS has been restored successfully


- Sammobile for firmware

- Samsung for basics

- amarullz for the aroma installer

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  • Version 2.5.0

    CSC Selection V2.5.0:

    - Removed many carriers shutdown/boot animations, same for wallpapers, it used too much space on the zip file

    - Removed ATT/TMB standalone cscs, they are both already included in the XAA multi :)

    - Added a check for s8/n8 port. If the zip is flashed on a port it will warn you, as this selection is only for s7 based roms

    - Fixed AUT/BOG csc wrong description

    - Updated Applock/Airmessage apps

    - Updated BRI csc

    - Updated ETL csc

    - Updated O2C csc

    - Updated PHN csc

    - Updated PRT csc

    - Updated SER csc

    - Updated TEL csc

    - Updated H3G csc

    - Updated DBT csc

    - Updated HTS csc

    - Updated NEE csc

    - Updated THL csc

    - Updated TMZ csc

    - Updated TTR csc

    - Updated VD2 csc

    - Updated XAC csc

    - Updated XAA csc

    - Updated XEG csc

    - Updated XEO csc

    - Updated CHC csc

    - Added 3IE csc

    - Added TIM csc

    - Added DRE csc

    - Added CHV csc

  • Version 2.4.5

    CSC Selection V2.4.5:

    - First off, sorry for the long time I didn't update the selection. There haven't been many csc files sent to me so I just spend the whole day yesterday to download 80% of the updated csc files, if still one or two updates are missing, download YOUR DESIRED csc for the edge (SM-G935) variant and upload it to google drive or mega. After that send me the link!

    - Went back to how V2.3.5 flashed the csc, should fix some volte/wifi calling issues on multi csc carrier

    - Please note: your csc can also be under the multi csc files, those mentioned here are just the default ones! :thumbsup:


    - Updated AUT csc

    - Added TCE csc thanks s3rsh

    - Added PRT csc thanks s3rsh

    - Added BOG csc

    - Added DNL multi csc

    - Updated BTU multi csc

    - Updated CHT multi csc

    - Updated COS csc

    - Updated DDE multi csc

    - Updated DPL multi csc

    - Updated ETL csc

    - Updated EVR csc

    - Updated FTM csc

    - Updated H3G csc

    - Updated HTS csc

    - Updated INS multi csc

    - Updated ITV csc

    - Updated KTC csc

    - Updated LUC csc

    - Updated NEE csc

    - Updated ORO csc

    - Updated ORX csc

    - Updated PHN csc

    - Updated SEB csc

    - Updated SFR csc

    - Updated SKC csc

    - Updated THL multi csc

    - Updated TMZ csc

    - Updated TMB csc

    - Updated TPH csc

    - Updated UPO multi csc

    - Updated VAU csc

    - Updated VD2 multi csc

    - Updated VIA multi csc

    - Updated XAC multi csc

    - Updated XAA multi csc

    - Updated XSG multi csc

    - Updated XEG csc

    - Updated XSA csc

    - Updated ZTO csc

  • Version 2.4.0

    CSC Selection V2.4:

    - Reworked script how to handle multi csc files, please report if your multi cscs are working fine and showing correct CSC in phone info app!

    - Updated AUT csc

    - Updated BRI csc

    - Updated BTU multi csc

    - Updated DBT csc

    - Updated HTS csc

    - Updated PHN csc

    - Updated SKC csc

    - Updated VAU csc

    - Updated VD2 multi csc

    - Updated ZTO csc

    - Updated TMB csc

    - Added MEO csc

    - Added XEG csc

  • Version 2.3.5

    Version for Nougat

  • Version 1.11.0

    Version for Marshmallow

  • Hi @Tkkg1994
    Could you please update United Kingdom H3G branded CSC in new release?
    Thanks in advance.
    • Will do that thanks for the file!
  • Hi @Tkkg1994
    I wanted to install the AUT Switzerland unbranded CSC from the current CSC Selection 2.4.5. Unfortunatly there seems to be a mistake during the CSC Selection step: Under AUT it says "France Bouygues branded" and under BOG "Switzerland unbranded". Please advise which CSC to installl to get the Switzerland unbranded one. Thanks...
    • Hey

      You are right this is indeed messed up, will be fixed in the upcoming release :-)
    • Thanks! And which one should I choose at the moment to get the "Switzerland unbranded" CSC?
      AUT or BOG?
    • You should choose:
      "AUT", "France Bouygues branded", to get the AUT csc
  • I had this file stored on external storage long time..... And now after ESET Database update it detec ESET vulnerability.. See link photos.app.goo.gl/B5ENggpBLKRCsWrq2
    • Maybe their database for virus scanning got updated. But I can assure you if you downloaded it from here or android file host this file is 100% safe
  • Hi - is it possible to get a VZW CSC? I've tried various methods to get WiFi calling etc. working for VZW - had it in MM but can't get it going in Nougat. I've seen jrkruse's firmware mod but afraid to flash with .pit to an Exynos device.
    • VZW should be included under XAA multi csc as far as I recall :-)
  • Tkkg1994 спасибо за все)
  • thanks Tkkg.
  • Thank you Luca for update :-)
    • No problem!
      Tomorrow I will upload it to android file host too :-)
  • please upgrade new csc COS . url mega:

    • Yes as soon as the csc is updated!
  • Can I flash the CSC Selection right after the Batman Rom or do I have to reboot the Phone after Rom installation first?
    • Hello
      This csc is only for s7 based roms!!! Not s8 port roms like batman
  • the CSC COS Is old (DQB4) 4 months ago. the new is DQF3.
    • Yeah I can update it in next release
  • Could you please add this COS csc to the package too?


    the phone is s7 flat.
    thanks tkkg. :-)
    • Hey ho!
      This csc is already included in V2.4.0 csc, have fun!
  • good